Robin McKenzie’s best selling patient book Treat Your Own Back and The Original McKenzie® products will allow you to reduce and prevent back pain.

Treat Your Own Neck and the Cervical Roll are simple tools to stop and prevent neck pain easily yourself.

Spinal Publications offer a wide range of Robin McKenzie’s products via this website, some healthcare professionals, retail outlets in NZ and international distributors.

If you have a sore shoulder, find out where the pain is coming from - shoulder or neck, then fix it yourself with education and easy exercises.

Knee Pain can immobilise you causing other health issues – deal to it now, you may be surprised with the results which can change your life.

Robin McKenzie is a world renowned spinal expert and is recognized internationally as an authority on the diagnosis and treatment of lower back pain and neck pain.

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The McKenzie Method for Back Pain
Why The McKenzie Method Works for Your Back

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